Nebraska WWII Fatal Crash Site # 52

Beaver Crossing
September 24, 1944

A group of soldiers from the Fairmont Army Air Field were practicing ground maneuvers approximately 5 miles north of Cordova, or 3 miles west of Beaver Crossing. A small liasion L-5 (42-98769) aircraft with a pilot and a nurse as a passenger from the Fairmont Army Air Field were doing simulated attacks upon the ground troops. During a dive, the plane came in contact with the tops of the trees and crashed. Ten soldiers were burned as they tried to free the occupants from the burning wreckage. Neither occupant of the plane survived.

Crew Members

This site was investigated on March 18, 2007, along with the assistance of the landowner and an eyewitness to the crash site. The eyewitness was able to take us to the approximate location, but no physical evidence of the plane was found.

The crash site is believed to be somewhere in these trees.

L-5 Aircraft

Crash Site Book